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September 2019 Latest Broad Core Algorithm Update Released by Google

Google Releases September 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update: Everything You Need To Know About Google Roll Out

Every year Google releases broad core algorithm updates. Today, Google releases its new broad core algorithm update, named it September 2019 core algorithm update. Google confirmed this news on twitter, 24 September 2019.

Effects on our SEO 

So far, most of our clients are not experiencing any major changes. Except for one, a health-related website that we handle which was negatively hit by the June 2019 broad core update, March 2019 florida II update. But more members reporting losses on forums & blogs that what happened to their websites just before this update but after days big drop but hope for the best after full rolls out. It is currently showing signs of recovery, but it’s still too soon to tell since the September core update was just rolled out yesterday. But here’s what our traffic looks like now:

Analytics Data Recovery screenshot

It’s not that significant, but after months of having no signs of recovery, this is definitely a good thing.

Key Takeaway 

I’m excited to see the results of this core update, but it also serves as a reminder that we, as webmasters and SEOs need to always be on our toes when it comes to Google’s sudden algorithm changes. If we can’t keep up with all the changes that are happening, we’ll be left behind. So, I suggest we read up, keep our focus on the changes in the industry, and adapt accordingly. What about you? Have you noticed any changes with regards to the core update? Let me know in the comments below!

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What is Google Ads? How does it Work?

Google Ads Trends for 2019-2020 to Get Most out of your Ad Campaigns, How Does Digital Google Ads Work? 

Everyone uses search engines, that's why search engine advertising, or SEA, is so effective. Google Ads is one of the most popular search engine and video advertising methods and should be an essential part of any company's online marketing strategy.

What Is Google AdWords?

Try searching for something on Google; the first few results will probably be ads. Google Ads are targeted advertisements that appear when users search for specific words or in chosen categories.

Google AdWords is what's known as a pay-per-click service; companies are charged every time someone clicks on the ad. This advertising model is extremely flexible in price and can be an effective way to reach interested customers.

Google Ads is one of the world's largest digital advertising platform markets. A Google Ads campaign can reach as much as 75% of internet users across the world. A well-developed campaign will place an ad in front of most members of the target audience.

Because Google Ads can be completely tailored to fit a company's budget and audience, the service has become an essential element of modern digital marketing. A great Google Ad will find the right customers, generate leads-traffics, increase views count, and increase the company's online reputation.

How Do Digital Google Ads Work?

A Google account is required to use Google Ads. To set up an ad, marketers need to have text for the headline and description, keywords, URLs and terms that customers might search for, and a target geographic region.

Once the ad is created, Google will display the ad on relevant search results for text and video. Whether or not the ad is displayed depends on the location of the searcher, the relevance of their search, and the amount left in the advertiser's budget.

Each campaign will be displayed in terms of potential impressions, views and potential clicks. Impressions are the number of people who might see the ad, and clicks are the number of users who are expected to click on it. Although they don't create immediate leads, impressions are an important part of a company's long-term marketing strategy.

Creating a Google ad is easy, but crafting an effective ad requires skill, expertise, and market research. Companies who target the wrong keywords or geographic region could end up paying for traffic without generating valuable leads. Effective copywriting techniques will also encourage the right viewers to click on the ad.

Google Ads Trends in 2019-2020

In 2018, Google Adwords rebranded as Google Ads. This change came with a host of new features that have made life even easier for the professional SEA specialist.

One of the most valuable features is the new Audiences option. After creating a campaign, users can select specific audiences, topics, and categories for the campaign to target. When used in conjunction with well-chosen keywords, Audiences can help marketers direct a campaign towards exactly the people who need to see it.

Another important modern trend is to optimize ads for customers who are using voice search or search by voice. Try implementing question and answer formats or investing in longer keywords that the audience is likely to use.

The best practices for Google Ads are always changing, which is why every company needs a great digital marketing agency on their side. Team, we can help you develop a PPC marketing strategy that sends interested customers directly to your website, get in touch to learn more.

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Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Florida, USA

The list of Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Florida | Top App Developers Florida(USA) 2019

Nowadays, Mobile Application is the most pervasive thing in the world, It is the best platform where you can get everything and request anything you want. It would not be off base to say that Mobile applications help in the Revolution of Technology. 

The open door is in the development of games, by and large, utility applications, and enterprise applications that reach out to loads of clients' eager to take advantage of companies' products, items, and services.

It isn't right to say that every app development company is the best, however, there are several features & highlights which make a company better than the base. So now, if you are looking for the best app mobile development company in Florida, you are in the right spot. Here, we are sharing the entire detail of the trusted mobile app development companies. This list is completely founded on the research, surveys & reviews from their past customers.

1. Atmosphere Apps:

atmosphere apps

Here, they connected over a decade of mobile development experience & designed a great mobile structure. They proven framework enables them to immediately develop mobile apps on top of a solid, well-established code base. Their mission is to help companies to develop innovative products.

They will bring your app to market on time & within budget.

Services Line:

Android App Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

2. Utility:


They are with clients to design & develop custom mobile apps, enterprise web platforms, and related digital experiences. They are relentlessly focused on being useful and with purpose. They have a strong process from elements collection to deployment and maintenance. Their proven method keep their projects in good hands, but they also address today’s ever-changing view.

Utility is an app development company based in Lake Mary, Fla. with about 85 professional experts. Founded in 2014, the company also offers web development, UX/UI design, app management, and app marketing services.

Services Line:

Android App Development Game Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

3. Chetu Inc.


Chetu is a US-based software development company that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. Chetu provides custom mobile app development services that take your business to the next level. Mobile app development services include iOS app development, cross-platform mobile app development, android app development, and mobile web app development. If you have a great idea for a consumer app or need enterprise-class solutions to improve operations we will put together an exhaustive project plan to suit your objectives.

Services Line:

Android App Development  Mobile App Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

4. DunRite Technologies:

With mobile phones becoming more than a regular part in our daily lives, we at DunRite Technologies enable your business to gain that edge by building the right mobile application you need.

Give wings to your imagination; Your dream deserves more than a place in your imagination. How about a place in iOS App Store, and Google Play Store? With advanced tools and technology, our mobile app developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprise with timely delivery at an affordable cost.

We are one of the finest mobile application development companies in Florida, USA, and Chennai, India well versed in building both Native and Cross-Platform/ Hybrid apps.

Services Line:

Android App Development Game Development Mobile App Development UI-UX Design  Native App Development Web Development

5. Aipxperts Technolabs:


Aipxperts Technolabs is an international Mobile and Web app development company. Their key to success is based on their engineering team, which fields some of the most talented young developers in the world. Every project they undertake is staffed by a dedicated, vertically integrated team that is specialized to meet the unique demands of each endeavor.

They are driven by the philosophy that mobile technology changes lives in meaningful ways, and it is there goal that each one of our projects advances this cause.

Services Line:

Android App Development Game Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

6. Octal IT Solution:

octal software

Octal IT Solution is the fastest growing app development company. We binge profoundly into our client’s business to apprehend their business segment, goals and, their target. We take client’s idea and apply our experience in order to reach their project's objective & vision.

Our team is passionate techies, designers & Business Analyst who take pride in delivering quality products. We follow Agile methodology with regular app demos, we can ship your product quickly taking care of everything - design, development, deployment, and marketing.

Services Line:

Android App Development Game Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

7. Appiskey:


Appiskey is a famous mobile app development company. Their prime focus is on developing excellent and user-friendly mobile apps for every platform. They think their clients are strategic associates who are committed to every step of mobile app development. Their values are devised to bring an excellent app! They have worked on diverse projects for a huge range of global clients.

Services Line:

Android App Development Game Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

8. Bold Technologies:

BOLD! Technologies Logo
This mobile app development agency is based in Orlando, Fl. BOLD Technologies, which was founded in 2009, has about 10 employees who also provide web development and UX/UI design services. Most of BOLD!'s clients are midmarket businesses, although the agency also works with small and enterprise businesses. About half of BOLD!'s app development projects are for iPhone(Apple) and iPad.

Services Line:

Android App Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

9. Mercury Development:

mercury development

Mercury Development allows unique expertise in all phases of digital & mobile phrase, from strategy and ideation to development & performance. They have expertise in every type of mobile applications for all client types. They are honest and transparent. Their mobile app developers are very expert & well skilled. One of the best mobile app development company in Florida(USA).

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

10. Station Four:

station four

Station Four is the best mobile app development company. It's good that they have also got real client reviews. They are really very intelligent, and the service level is really amazing. From winning competitions to developing custom software for the Department of Defense, they have a huge range of knowledge and talent to implement to your project big or small.

Services Line:

Content Management System Game Development Mobile App Development Social Media Marketing UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

11. Powered Labs, Inc.

powered labs, inc.

From the first planning phase to each and every stage of design & development, they custom develop your product in-house. They offer world-class design & mobile application development services.

Their purpose to develop those apps that people want to use on a regular basis and people use to communicate about a lot. They provide full satisfaction by giving the best industry standards.

Services Line:

Content Management System Game Development Mobile App Development Social Media Marketing UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

12. Zcodia Technologies:

We are in this market for quite some time now having done lots of projects. Our team has great expertise and full knowledge of the web design technologies following the W3C guidelines and standards. We use advanced and well-accepted Technologies like PHP, Ajax, MySQL, JavaScript, WordPress, etc.

Zcodia Technologies is a distinguished mobile app development company in USA & India executes Your fantasy merits in excess of a place in your imagination. 

Development of iOS applications.
Development of Social networking app.
Enterprise smartphone apps development.
Custom native smartphone applications development.
Navigation services for mobile apps.

Services Line:

Content Management System Mobile App Development Social Media Marketing UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

13. ACAP:


Founded in 2004, they deliver award-winning mobile applications. They offer a regular, repeatable process in which agility, union and quality assurance are set. They provide complete, cohesive, simple reusable solutions using automated test platforms that make maintenance & regression testing as simple as possible. From startups to enterprise solutions of apps they produce only for their client's support.

Services Line:

Android App Development Content Management System Custom Software Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

14. Labotec:


Labotec is a software development company. Their work starts with listening and then planning. They gather all of this data and start planning on how to get the best solutions, unique solutions. They start coding just after they have found the best design, the one that marks both the clients and the user's needs. They now stand as one of the most productive and successful mobile app development companies.

Services Line:

Android App Development Game Development Custom Software Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

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March 2019 Latest Broad Core Algorithm Update Launched by Google: Florida II

Google Confirms Broad Core Algorithm Florida 2 Update on March 2019

Why it is  important: 

Google will many core ranking updates yearly and confirms only a couple of updates consistently. Specific to broad core updates, Google has previously mentioned varied times that you just can't do something specific to retouch your rankings. Google's past suggestion is, there's no 'fix' for pages which will perform less well alongside to stay focused on structure nice content.

On the off chance that your rankings did change as of late, it should are related with this Broad Core positioning update and not basically related with a specialized modification you made on your site.

What changed? 

At this moment it's terribly early and it's exhausting to think about what has modified. supported the SEO chatter around this update, before Google confirming the update, some square measure spoken communication this was yet again focusing on the health/medicinal zone. Be that as it may, Google has previously mentioned there was no particular target at medical or health sites thereupon August 1st update.

It is difficult to get a understand that types of sites were minimized the foremost immediately. Everything we'll monitor the case and keep you updated on any insights of knowledge we tend to see associated with this update.

Google's past recommendation. 

Google has previously shared this suggestion around Broad Core formula update:

Every day, Google now and then releases one or additional of changes intended to boost our results. Some square measure centered around specific enhancements. Some square measure broad changes. A week ago, we have a tendency to free a broad core formula update. We tend to do these habitually many times per annum.

Likewise, with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There's nothing wrong with pages which will as of now perform less well. Rather, it's that changes to our systems are profiting pages that were beforehand under-rewarded.

There's no "fix" for pages which can perform less well other than to stay focused on building pleasant content. After some time, might|it's going to|it should} be that your content may rise relative to various (alt) pages.


Content is the Best Tool for Marketing that can make you more successful

6 Keys for Content Marketing You need to know

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Marketing is impossible without great content

Regardless of what type of marketing tactics you use, content marketing should be part of your process, not something separate. Quality content is part of all forms of marketing such as,

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, SEO


Content Marketing involves strategies at various levels focused on creating uniqueness, value, and eventually acquiring the desired traffic to the website. There are multiple reasons why content is a better tool for the marketing of any company, branding, and services!...

1. Trust Building

Content in any form-written or visual-sends messages to the clients that you know your field well and have the necessary expertise to answer their queries. Selecting specific keywords helps your clients in finding your expert blogs and articles. The more you write your readers gather clarity about your expertise and follow you.

2. Brand Creation

A well-known person can help in launching a brand and pushing it forward like no other. That is what famous personalities do! Well, maybe not that famous but you can always use your brand in your articles and blogs and get them noticed as well. Continued content marketing helps you get quality and consistent traffic to your site and make the public conscious of your brand.

3. Content helps SEO

Yes, it does and minds you the organic kind of search. Google understands and notices your attempt to offer relevant information to buyers and is more likely to offer better rankings. The search engines are always on the lookout for current, relevant and informative content to help people so higher rankings are guaranteed.

4. Get more Leads & Traffic

The main point behind any kind of marketing is lead generation. Proper content and good rankings obviously lead the buyers towards you and there is your lead. Premium content in the form of e-books further aids in drawing the customer towards you. Google is searching for impressive content that is attractive, engaging, and helpful. 

5. Lead Nurturing - Engage your Leads

This is where content becomes really important. Your content should make the client travel through the stages of awareness, deliberation, and final decision. Generating a bunch of leads that do not leverage is not useful. Instead, you should be able to guide the right client to you. Therefore keyword selection is very important along with the consecutive sets of articles. The client should be ultimately guided to get a free consultation from your company and that is where you have won the right lead.

6. Content sharing on Social Media

Appropriate content will find scores of takers and will be shared widely so that the brand name spreads. A problem-solving content is sure to get distributed so that others can be benefitted by it. In this case, social media plays a huge role and spreads the content very fast so that more and more audience can connect with it. 

Trustworthy content is the key to unlocking consumer confidence, safeguarding authenticity should be the highest priority for any business.

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How Web Hosting affects SEO & Security of your Website?

Web Hosting that can affect website SEO and Security online

SEO friendly Web Hosting to rank your website - How to choose the right one.

Too many of us get so involved in the apparent SEO strategies when optimizing websites that we forget to take into account the underlying factors that considerably impact on the ranking of the website.

The website hosting service you use has a major impact on your SEO efforts, and there are some hosting issues that can really have a significant effect on your SEO.

So what are these hosting issues that deserve attention? Read on to find out.

The best website hosting services you can get today,

1. Slow Website Speed

The website speed is a ranking factor made official by Google. Unfortunately, many of us only work on improving the website design without focusing on choosing a fast and right hosting service. Then there are others who neglect all efforts altogether and use redundant scripts, huge images, and third-party elements that load slowly.

Check your website speed using Google Search Console Tools and Pingdom Tool’s website speed test.

2. Website Downtimes

Is there something worse than a site that loads at a snail's pace? Yes, there is. It’s a site that doesn’t load at all. Website downtimes are almost always related to a few issues with the web host. It could be due to the bandwidth capacity limit being exceeded, or the hosting service’s servers going out of order.

Not only does this give a bad impression to your audience, but it also severely affects your search engine rankings. If the downtime continues for a couple of days, Google removes the website from its index.

3. Database Connection Failures

'Internal Server Error' is yet another type of error message that can be displayed to your visitors. It can carry a number of meanings; however, as far as WordPress sites are considered, it just means that the database cannot be accessed. In some cases, the error message is more self-explanatory and displays a message 'Database Connection Failed'.

This results when a database is being accessed by too many users at the same time. For instance, it may be that a video or an article has gone viral on social media and more people are now interested to read or watch it on your site.

4. Using Shared Hosting Services with Spammers

This is relatively rare, yet a possible factor that can have a negative impact on your business website online presence. When using shared hosting services, you can share web space with various different websites. Alternate people can pose harm to your website. Therefore, it is advised that you should avoid shared hosting services with spammy websites.

5. Incorrect TLD

It is a routine for people to assume that each website address has a .com TLD. This is why you should be extremely cautious when naming your domain. You will find that most of the short, memorable .com domains have already been taken.

Recently, there has been a significant push to make .co (Colombia top-level domain) an alternate to .com domains. Unfortunately, this effort has been unreasonable. This is because many people still assume (as mentioned before) that your domain is yourcompany.com and not yourcompany.co!

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